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C4 Logo

C4 focuses on Habitat, Education, Nursery and Rural matters.
The aims are:
* To implement the Cassowary Management Plan, Mission Beach environs;
* To promote and support World Heritage values;
* To identify and ensure the retention of environmentally significant areas;
* To liaise with all levels of government and have input into all planning and development that impacts on the social, economic and environmental well being of the Mission Beach community;
* To maintain a heightened community awareness of environmental issues through education and dissemination of information;
* To establish and maintain a gift fund for the acceptance of gifts made to the association for the association's environmental purposes.
Through the working groups and the vision statement of "Knowing Keeping Sharing", C4 undertakes to protect Mission Beach's natural values to ensure a healthy environment, community and economy. We believe Mission Beach can develop and maintain its unique identity, including being a place where you can still see a cassowary in the wild.


Mission Beach QLD 4852

Contact Details

Phone: +61 7 4068 7197