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Wallaman Falls
Tyto Picnic

The Hinchinbrook Way

The southern gateway to Tropical North Queensland.

Hinchinbrook is your gateway to the stunning wet tropics; encompassed by ancient tropical rainforest, rugged tropical islands and the Great Barrier Reef. Hinchinbrook is home to Australia's highest single drop waterfall, Wallaman Falls and the departure point for one of Australia’s largest National Parks; Hinchinbrook Island.

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The quintessential Tropical North Queensland experience is found in Hinchinbrook; from Jurassic Park like wilderness, a taste of “Little Italy”, unique experiences of indigenous culture, history and world class fishing; all just over an hour north of Townsville.

Ingham is the heart of Hinchinbrook, centre town for the local sugar industry and known as the “Little Italy” of Tropical North Queensland. Renowned for its outstanding diversity and quality of Italian culture; be sure to sample Hinchinbrook’s finest Italian inspired delicatessens, you will be delighted with morsels made with love that'll dance on your taste buds. And, If you’re lucky, you may learn the secrets of Nonna’s outrageously good pasta sauce!

It’s a place where breathtaking scenery, unique wildlife, world-class fishing experiences, delicious, locally sourced food, inspirational art and 60,000 years of culture are all weaved into one incredible story: The Hinchinbrook Way.

The Hinchinbrook Way highlights:

  • Experience the festivities at the iconic annual Australian Italian Festival.
  • Sample the gourmet offerings of Ingham’s famous Italian inspired delicatessens.
  • Take in the majesty of Australia’s highest single drop waterfall: Wallaman Falls, plunging 268 metres!
  • Dive into rainforest plunge pools at Jourama Falls.
  • Catch a wild barramundi under the gaze of rugged, mist bound mountain peaks.
  • Discover the diverse wildlife, including the TYTO Wetlands, home to 27.4% of Australia’s bird species!
  • Take a scenic flight around the wilderness haven of Hinchinbrook Island.
  • Escape to Zoe Bay.
  • Enjoy the incredible culture, nature, art, gourmet food and boutique shopping found on the Hinchinbrook Way Walk in Ingham.
  • Take a leisurely drive and discover the Lower Herbert district and coastal beaches on the Hinchinbrook Way Drive.
  • Dive the Great Barrier Reef
  • Wander through a rich tapestry of the region’s history at the Herbert River Museum in Halifax
  • Be inspired by stories crafted over millennia with an Aboriginal tour at Mungalla Station.

For every adventurer, family, foodie, culture vulture, angler, nature lover and history buff, the Hinchinbrook Way has an experience you’ve been looking for.


Discover the Hinchinbrook Way         Visit the annual Australian Italian Festival              Sample Ingham's Italian inspired delicatessens     Take in the majesty of Wallaman Falls       Dive into the rainforest plunge pools at Jourama Falls     Catch a wild barramundi      Discover TYTO    Take a scenic flight     Escape to Zoe Bay   Wander the Hinchinbrook Way Walk    Visit the Herbert River Museum   Discover Mungalla Aboriginal Tours