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Targa Car Rally in the Cassowary Region now!

TARGA Great Barrier Reef is a TARGA event like no other as it passes through iconic tropical landscapes that are truly unique to Far North Queensland.

Sep 4, 2020 News

Sugar cane and banana plantations will line the various stages and the weather will be anything but cold. For thousands of years, the Great Barrier Reef has used its magnetic charm as a lure to attract the most adventurous souls. However, at TARGA Great Barrier Reef, they are not there to measure themselves against the challenges of the sea, but the Foreboding Mountains that lay adjacent to them. Over three days, cars will travel through Cairns and out to all of the surrounding regions including the Cassowary Coast (new for 2020).

Vantage points for viewing are available at the following websites - along with road closure information.

Mission Beach visitors and residents can view participants coming through from Bingil Bay on Saturday 05 September... a great place to view is on Porter Promenade or Seaview Street! 

MISSION BEACH drive through:  10:15am – 12:15pm, all cars drive through the hub (at touring speed limit)

These are the estimated times that the cars will be driving through Mission Beach which will allow great viewing of all the cars (drive in via Bingil Bay Road, and after their private lunch, leave via El-Arish/Mission Beach Road).

You can watch from the comfort of a Café, Restaurant or the Tavern.

Thank you all for your efforts in support of this major event.  Trust you will enjoy our short time as TARGA Country – which will be viewed by millions (literally)!