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Tully Banana Tree

Around Tully

Important agricultural area, surrounded by wild rivers and misty mountains.

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Driving up The Tropical Coast you’ll cross the Tully River. Further on is the turn-off to Tully Heads and Hull Heads, two beachside villages approximately 25km from the highway. Both are located near Googara Beach and overlook the Family Group Islands with fishing the most popular activity. These quiet beach communities have accommodation with a campground, caravan park and tavern.

Off the highway is the town of Tully. This major agricultural region employs many local and visiting backpackers to work in the local banana and sugarcane industries. Here you’ll see the giant Golden Gumboot which stands 7.9m tall to mark the record-breaking rainfall the town received in 1950. The town averages more than 4m of rain each year and celebrates it with the Golden Gumboot Festival. Climb inside the gumboot for a great view of Tully, its sugar mill and surrounding mountains.

The Tully Visitor and Heritage Centre has an interpretive display giving the history of the area. Here you can book tours of the Tully Sugar Mill during cane harvesting season for a fascinating insight to how the cane is crushed and made into sugar.

Indigenous rainforest people offer tours on land and local waterways providing unique insights to special places.

With so much rain spilling down from the mountains it is no wonder Tully is considered one of Australia’s best spots to go white-water rafting. The river plunges through Tully Gorge National Park, which has a camping area not far from the Kareeya hydro-power station. From the camping area, a short wheelchair-accessible walk takes you through rainforest known for its colourful butterflies which are best seen between September and February.

Fit hikers will enjoy the panoramic view of Tully and its surrounding farms from Mt Tyson which rises 687m behind the town. Access to the walking track is from Brannigan St in Tully, with the difficult walk taking up to three hours.

Part of the Misty Mountains wilderness walking tracks network is in Tully Gorge National Park. The Cochable Creek camping area on the bank of the creek is great for swimming and short walks and a base for mountain biking.

Map of Tully
Map of Tully